LAUDUN L’ARDOISE : Ariane Roger foresees 1M of investment for the Marina

During our visit, Ariane Roger left several times her place, to meet boats coming in, to occupy one of the 35 current places. “They are not all occupied at the moment because several boats have gone to sea which is not far away. Port-St-Louis du Rhône is about 100km away, a good day of sailing, “says the captain of the marina PORT 2.

Since 1995, is this stylist at the helm of the marina: “Originally a Franco-German company, I am the manager now,” she announces. His captainerie allows it to distinguish itself from a river stop, because of the several offers of services. The Diesel tank to refuel the motor boats, the small, well-stocked shop with, among other things, fittings, French pavilions, “intended for foreign boaters”, side and stern lights; ends (ropes for earthlings) and books to exchange, offers he boutique. Next to it, the kitchen area. Ariane Roger ensures the lunches of the L’ANEX Restaurant and the lively dinners during evenings on the weekends.

The Project has been presented to the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône

All these services are included in this project, with improvements and expansions. For the time being, it has already presented to decision-makers, including the CNR and Jean-Christian Rey, the president of L’AGGLO du GARD RHODANIEN. Investors have also been able to discover it. “The physiognomy of the port will be completely changed while having as today no concrete grip on the unsinkable dike,” says the helmsman of PK 213. The captainerie and the corner restaurant will change place. The longer pontoons will be arranged differently in order to be able to “even more protect the boats from the mistral and the south wind that push them towards the pontoons”.